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Creating a website that consistently engages your target audience and keeps them coming back for more is hard, and competition is intense.

A number of factors feed into your client's experience of your website, all determining whether your clients stay on your site when they arrive on it, or leave in favour of a competitor’s site. With such fierce competition out there, no matter what field your business operates in, it is important to make sure that your website is welcoming, informative and engaging.

Multimedia techniques, such as animation and video, are a great way to make your site attractive and interesting. Using the right techniques in the right way, you can present important information about your company in a compelling way. Ask yourself this, what would you enjoy more – watching a 30-second video or reading a wall of plain text? With a huge 80% of the world’s internet traffic coming from video, now is the time to join the movement.

Struggling to think of innovative ways to increase website engagement? We've put together this post to give you a quick rundown of how animation and video could improve your online presence.


By human nature, we are drawn to moving images. Videos are a refreshing, personal, and effective way to get information across. Seeing visual representations will give your audience a clearer understanding of your company, and help to establish a connection with your brand.

There are various types of videos that you can incorporate into your website, such as promotional, event, testimonial and documentary. Each of these formats will relay information in a fast and unique way, all built around your company's tone and branding.

Testimonial videos are very effective in conveying the authenticity and character of a company. Rather than having a written quote from previous customers on your testimonial page, you can instead have a video that shows your happy clients - along with the service provided for them. This visual account of your work is far more effective at connecting with your target audience than a written quote.


Animation is great at increasing user experience and engagement, making your website and brand eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Incorporating animation improves viewer engagement due to its motion qualities and its unparalleled ability to communicate information and concepts quickly and effectively in a unique way.

There are several aspects of animation that you can incorporate into your website to get your message across clearly, including character animation, kinetic typography and motion graphics. An engaging animation is an excellent way to visually demonstrate how a particular product or service works.

A subtle example would be having an animation that creates further appeal to the product you are selling. As a company selling cold drinks, you could feature animated condensation on the side of the bottle to make it appear icy cold and desirable.


If you are interested in increasing your website engagement and user experience, our team of multi-media experts are more than happy to help. Head to our Video and Multimedia service page to find out how our team can help increase your website engagement.

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