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Timelapse with Sony FS5 camera

The advancement of professional photography equipment has sparked a lot of interest in what exactly these cameras are capable of, and more to the point, the potential that they could hold for you. Our very own addition to the team, the Sony FS5, has been rightfully responsible for causing such excitement. It is indeed a master of all the tricks in the book. Here are a few reasons why we chose this model and the benefits it has for our clients.

Super slow-motion. 

With the function to shoot 240 frames per second, it really is super slow motion. Shooting at 240FPS provides a lot more information to work with. You could stretch this 1 second out over 10 seconds to achieve a standard frame rate of 24FPS and still have smooth playback but in slow motion.

What does this mean for you?

With the ability to film at such a wide range of film rates, we are able to optimise your video to achieve a unique style of shots that maximises engagement. The result, every detail showcased to perfection.
A practical application for this feature? Thanks to the promotion of their up to 60 frame per second feature, YouTube now allows videos to be uploaded with a far smoother motion. A stunning video, and the platform to share it.


The HDR is impressive.

HDR, high dynamic range, is a technical name for the range of light the camera sensor can take in. Having a higher dynamic range, such as our camera's 14 stop range, means that the camera can shoot quality  images of contrasting brightness (capturing features both light and dark in one shot) without sacrificing any quality of footage. No easy feat, and a big struggle for phone and digital camcorders.

What does this mean for you?

An impressive HDR allows us to capture our footage in a range of lighting conditions. In a practical sense, this means faster shooting to capture the best shot. The necessity of needing to change camera settings each time the shoot location changes, be that rooms or even indoor to outdoor, significantly slows this process ordinarily. Side-stepping this process with a high dynamic range makes for a far more efficient process all round.

The camera captures colour like you have never seen

The Sony FS5 shoots at a broadcasting bit rate, able to shoot up to 12-bit RAW to be more specific. The bit rate, or Mbps, is how much information the camera can take in on each frame. Trust us when we say that this a lot of colour information.

What does this mean for you?

This high bit rate allows for a far more vibrant and deeper colour correction and colour grading in post production that would simply not be possible on cheaper cameras. The result, vibrant and vivid images that command attention.

The camera's resolution is better than UHD

Yes, better than Ultra High Definition. The 4k sensor within our camera has 11.6 million total pixels and will capture detail and image texture that HD sensors simply do not see, even when shooting in high definition.

What does this mean for you?

Practically, 4K resolution means future proofing your videos. As bigger and more advanced screens saturate the market, it is a priority to ensure that your video continues to be seen in the best possible quality. A 4k resolution sets the bar sky high.


The bottom-line; with high resolution, efficient shooting and vibrant images, our new Sony recruit is quite the team player. The camera has the potential to set apart your project with a truly unique style. For more information on the specifics of how these features will help you see our Video and Multimedia page or contact us.

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