What is 360 video/photography?

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Video and photography are two very efficient and popular ways of getting your business in front of customers, especially on the internet via sites like Facebook and Youtube, as well as on your own website. Now we have 360 video and photography, two great ways to give viewers an immersive and personal look into your business. It's a new and exciting technology that allows the viewer to look around at a 360 degree image at every angle by using two 180 degree lenses to capture everything around it.

This new way of viewing content provides a unique perspective, leading viewers to engage with and feel more connected to what they're seeing. This may result in more viewers wanting to click through to your website.

A great example of how 360 has been implemented into a business is the myAustrian Business Class experience that can be watched by clicking the link below. Remember to drag over the video to look around!


To create a 360 effect we first shoot with two 180 cameras, and once the footage from the two lenses in our camera are stitched together into an equirectangular layout, the sphere around the viewer is then turned onto a 2D surface that is what the viewer will see. This movement is similar to sitting on a desk chair and pivoting to see the space around you.

Below is an example of an equirectangular image from a 360 photo we took for a local tea shop.

Birdhouse 360 photo

To see the final result, go to our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/HydraCreative/?fref=ts

If you wanted to get creative with your 360 video; titles, subtitles and images can be added to keep your viewer looking around, eager and interested.

This kind of media isn't just for extreme purposes such as 360 sky diving or swimming with sharks. 360 video can also be used for all sorts of training purposes such as surgery, driving instructional videos and much more.


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