Changes to Google+ announced

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Last week Google announced some important changes to Google+ integration as well as changes to the social media platform itself.

One big step concerns your YouTube account. A statement from YouTube said, “YouTube will no longer require a Google+ profile when you want to upload, comment or create a channel”, which should prove popular with many users.

Some Google+ features such as Google photos will shortly become standalone products. The idea being that splitting up the features will put Google+ in a different category to other social media platforms such as Facebook, who it has been struggling to compete with in recent years.

However these changes do not signify the end of Google+, the platform will become more streamlined with a focus on connecting and engaging people according to their Google+ Collections. Active brands will organise posts through topics rather than people but will need to make sure they stay connected with their customers and what they are interested in to ensure their Google+ content is highly targeted.


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