How Instagrams Announcement Affects You

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Instagram, a favourite amongst bloggers and brands alike, is about to change. The popular social media platform will be integrating a new algorithm which will prioritise posts by their relevance to the user - for example, posts that they have liked or previously engaged with.

In the future you will need to turn on notifications from accounts you follow for their posts to be seen on your newsfeed, which can be a pain for brands that have used Instagram in the past as a free way to market their business.

The news comes as a panic to both consumers and those hoping to use Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategy, but algorithm changes such as this have been happening on social media platforms for a while now. Facebook performs data calculations to sort status updates on newsfeeds by prioritising those which are the most relevant to the user. Twitter also uses a similar algorithm, they pop up tweets while you're away that they think have importance to you, including some sponsored paid for tweets in there too. Many Instagram users will not even notice the change, as those who use Facebook or Twitter have not.

However, Instagram urge their users not to worry as the changes won’t be happening just yet and when they do happen they will help Instagrammers by making browsing easier, rather than make their social experiences harder. Most people who use Instagram miss 70% of posts so by using the new algorithm the posts that users will see will be more relevant to their interests which in turn will enhance their Instagram experience.

From a digital marketing perspective, this may also help target posts more efficiently. How do you feel about the new algorithms? Did you notice a change in Facebook and Twitter when they introduced them?


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