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On the 8th January, just over a week into 2018, Google announced the much anticipated update of their Search Console. The changes will hopefully make identifying and resolving underlying issues easier and quicker for website owners. After initial testing, Google have decided to introduce four key areas of change.

Search Performance

The new performance report will have 16 months of data, a change long requested by the industry. As a result, website owners can compare over a years worth of data easily on one page. This data can now be filtered by date, country, device type and more.


Index Coverage

Site owners can now be alerted of indexing issues, with incorrect URLs not only being highlighted, but a diagnostic link being provided for such errors. The improvement of your site indexing over time can also be tracked.


AMP Status

To help improve webpages on mobile devices, details are provided of errors in AMP (accelerated mobile page) URLs, indicating where changes need to be made. The new update also allows them to be speedily retested to check the problem is fixed. A 'Share' button can distribute problems immediately with appropriate team members.


Job Posting

A new Job Posting report for the recent Google for Jobs feature, displays statistics surrounding your job listings, as well as flagging up any missing information, such as the date the job was posted.


Improvements in diagnosing and fixing errors are the most apparent changes seen in the new Search Console. The ability to share key issues within an organisation, and to be able to revoke this access simply and quickly, will also be beneficial. While the new features are being rolled out through the year, the older version will still be available to be used alongside the new update.


If you are confused about any of these changes and need advice on how to move forward with your website, visit our Search Engine Optimisation page to see how we can help. Alternatively you can contact Hydra Creative on: 01142 509 578, or email us at:

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