Google using email addresses for targeted ads

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Some exciting news that has come out of Google HQ today concerning online advertising, which might be very interesting if your business wants to target specific users to advertise your product or service.

‘Customer Match’ looks set to be an in-demand feature in AdWords, with the ability to upload and target audiences that have been built from advertiser email lists. If you work on the digital marketing for your business, you will soon be able to target ads to specific people using their email addresses when they use the Google search engine, Gmail or YouTube platform.

Adverts can be tailored so the message is based on your customer’s purchase history or other information. Advert content that is based on the individual customer could be much more influential compared to the normal site visitor behaviour.

Along with ‘Customer Match’, another tool will be made available called ‘Similar Audiences’ where targeted ads can be used for others who exhibit similar behaviour trends to your existing customers.

With Facebook successfully launching ‘Custom Audiences’ in 2012, you can assume that Google’s attempt to enter this style of advertising will be successful as well.

Both ‘Customer Match’ and ‘Similar Audiences’ tools will be available over the coming weeks.

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