Google ‘mobilegeddon’: one month on

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Last month Google launched the new mobile friendly algorithm that the media dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’. One month on and there has been very little information published on how well the update has been received, with many even suggesting the reporting of the update was over dramatised.

The update was introduced due to the increase in consumers using their smart phones to browse the internet. Google claims that 50% of all online searches now take place on a mobile device, so companies should embrace this change rather than fear it. In a rare move by Google, news of this change was announced ahead of time (February 2015) so companies had time to plan and ensure their websites were mobile friendly. The criteria for ‘mobile friendliness’ includes text size, the amount of space between links and whether the content fits a mobile screen.

Even with this announcement, approximately 10% of the world’s most visited websites failed the search engine’s mobile-friendly test including BBC, Wikipedia and EasyJet (econsultancy) after the April deadline.

Recent reports suggest that more US businesses have noticed the change to their rankings compared to UK businesses. However, Google have confirmed that the update has now been fully rolled out so UK businesses should start to notice the changes.

It is still worthwhile ensuring your website is mobile friendly and it’s not too late. Google are constantly testing websites for mobile effectiveness which will improve your rankings.

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