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In this first How to… guide in our SEO series, we are going to show you how to identify who is linking to your website and how to check the value of those links.

As we all know, bad quality backlinks can seriously affect the rankings of your website, and even land you with a Google penalty! Checking the quality of your backlinks is something you should be doing ideally every 3 months; however, it should be covered within your SEO retainer if you have one.

Firstly, we are going to have a look into who is linking to you. This is actually an interesting task, and you probably will end up doing it for a couple of hours as it is quite addictive! To check these links all you need to do is go into your Google Webmaster Tools (type into Google – search console). Log in to it and go to search traffic – links to your site. Here you will be able to download a full list of sites which have currently linked themselves to your site.  

To check the quality of these links, we recommend using Moz’s open site explorer, which can be found here. To check the relevance and quality of the backlinks, type your domain into the ‘URL’ bar and it will bring up a full list of who is linking to your site. Next to these links is the spam score -  if a spam score is in the yellow, you should navigate to the linking website to investigate whether the site is relevant. If the score is in the red, you should highlight it in the document you downloaded from Google webmaster tools.

What next? To ensure that these backlinks do not harm your website or your search engine rankings, you can get them disavowed to stop search engines recognising the backlinks. To do this you can either disavow these links yourself – using our how to disavow guide or you can send the document to your web developer and they can disavow them on your behalf, if they are able to do so.

If you have received a Google penalty or are concerned over who is linking to your website, please get in touch with one of our digital marketing team on 0114 250 9578.


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