SEO Tips For Voice Search.

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SEO Voice search tips

Whether voice search will become the primary way of browsing the internet, or remain a background player, we believe it is here to stay. However, few businesses are adapting their SEO strategies to take into account the changes, making this a prime opportunity to get ahead of your competitors. Traditional searches still lead the way, and should remain the main focus of your strategy. However, to give your organisation an edge, we have compiled some advice for optimising SEO for voice search technology.


1. Add your business to both Google My Business and Bing Places listings. As different devices use different browsers, it is worth not limiting yourself to one. When a device is asked for a local service, your business has an increased chance of being chosen if it is listed on these pages.

2. Create Q&A or FAQ pages on your site. This focus on questions and answers will make your page more likely to be used in a Google featured snippet (the text box at the top of the search results, giving the user a quick answer to their question). Voice activated devices often use these snippets to answer searches, so it is beneficial to get your site featured.

3. As with traditional SEO, keyword research is useful for voice searching. It should be taken into consideration that voice searches are more natural, with people tending to use more slang. Your keywords should reflect this. This change may be easy for some sites, as research demonstrates that typed searches are also becoming more conversational in tone. In addition, as people get used to voice searches, they will likely begin to use less colloquial language. Therefore keyword research may reveal similar results for both search types.

4. Be flexible. Voice searching is most likely still in the first stages of its infancy. Apple's Home Pad still remains somewhat of a mystery. The processes and technology used in voice searching will be adapted and developed, and we should all be prepared to accommodate these changes in our SEO strategies.

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