Is Your Facebook Page Verified?

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Verifying your Facebook page is a simple but effective thing to do for your business, this is a little badge that shows that your page is authentic.

Not only does it boost the credibility of your business' Facebook page but it also helps it be seen higher in search results when people search for your company name on Facebook. 

The verification badge is a small grey tick that appears next to your name at the top of your page, just like on Twitter when big brands and celebrities have their blue ticks.


So how do you get one?


Step one 

Make sure all of your business information is right in your page ‘about section.’ So this means check your phone number, address and website as this is how Facebook will verify that you own the page.

Step two

You need to go to the top of the page and click settings.


Step three

On this page you need to click onto the general tab and then the third option down will be page verification (as I have already verified our page it currently says ‘page is verified’ however yours will say differently until you have verified it.

Step four

By clicking page verification a little box comes up with your telephone number in it. You need to verify your page using the telephone number you gave in your about section. Please ensure that this number is the same one as is on your website, business cards and business directories as Facebook takes all of this into consideration when they verify your page.

Step five

You will then get a phone call from Facebook on the number you provided and they will give you a code. Input the code into the box that will now be on your screen. If the process is successful then congratulations your page is now verified, if it hasn’t then please move on to step six.

Step Six

Sometimes Facebook can’t verify the phone number and in that case you need to upload an official document such as a utility bill or a certificate of incorporation and Facebook will verify your business manually.

Now your page is verified and the tick should appear within a couple of hours!


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