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So as it’s nearing the last month of the year, we asked our two graphic designers their thoughts on their favourite adverts of 2015.

2015 has been a great year for brands, with companies delving deep into their creative minds to come up with the latest ideas and trends that will ensure their customers remember them.

First up we asked Lead Designer Becky Dunks for her favourite, The McDonalds McFlurry billboard in the Netherlands. “This has to be the coolest (no pun intended) form of advertising to hit 2015, created for McDonalds in the Netherlands, the billboard offered free McFlurry’s to commuters when temperatures soared. The billboard used heat sensitive panels that allowed users to gain access when the temperature exceeded 38c. I particularly liked this advert as not only was it 'on trend' in our modern world but it also created an interaction with the buyer. It gave a subliminal message to the customer of buying into the brand without even thinking about it, by receiving the end product as a freebie. By having a memorable and user friendly experience from the billboard, the customer will associate this with the overall brand, creating connections to the brand and enhancing brand loyalty.

I really believe all billboards will end up becoming interactive in years to come.”

Interacting and engaging with your potential customers can increase your sales by building a relationship with your product and it’s an excellent way to remind them that you are still there without being overkill on selling.

Sabine Drabble, Designer, said, “One of my favourite graphic examples this year is an extension to the advertising campaign for snickers by BBDO (The people responsible for the latest Sainsbury’s Christmas ad).

The main campaign of ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry' has been used across many mediums and everyone has more than likely seen a version of it either on TV or in print but I really liked the guerrilla marketing campaign they used earlier this year.

The campaign was to find various silly mistakes around New York and put a sticker next to them reading ‘you make mistakes when you’re hungry’. These photos were then shared on social media and users were encouraged to tag their own #hungrymistakes. I think this is such a good example of how social media has been integrated into an already present campaign. By using something amusing and the type of things that we notice in our own lives, people would be more inclined to share the images on their own social media and use the hashtag to show mistakes that they have found or done. It was one of those campaigns that made you turn to someone and say ‘have you seen this?’ and I think that’s the perfect response to a great social media advertising campaign.’  

What was your favourite advertisement of 2015? We’d love to know!

From everyone here at Hydra Creative, we hope you have a lovely December and a fantastic new year.


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