What could you be doing instead of marketing?

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So it’s a Saturday morning, the sun is shining, your kids are happily playing in the garden and you’re desperate to go out and join them.

However, you have to go into the office because your website isn’t working, or you’re sitting trying to edit the promotional video you filmed on your iPhone yesterday afternoon.

Running a business is a tough job. Small business owners need to put their hand to a multitude of different tasks that often have nothing to do with what they’re good at. As a business grows, the smart business owner begins to delegate these jobs to others who are more skilled and able to tackle them effectively, which ensures ongoing sufficiency. So why then do so many owners of successful growing businesses still try to tackle the digital marketing of their business themselves? Marketing takes a huge amount of time and effort if it is to be effective, and this is all time that could be better spent by business owners in a more cost-effective way.

We have compiled a list of five fun things you could be doing at the weekend if you passed your digital troubles on to a professional digital marketing agency.

  • A trip to the seaside – take the kids out to the beach, let them run riot in the amusements with your copper jar finishing the day out with fish and chips and maybe a 99.
  • Craft day – who doesn’t like to get messy? Even better get messy making presents that can be given to friends and family this Christmas!
  • Watching your local team win – regardless of whether you are a fan of football or ice hockey, go and support your local team! It beats been stuck in a stuffy office any day!
  • Take the dog for a walk – your dog will absolutely love you for it, plus the fresh air will help you de-stress.
  • Take a trip to the cinema – whether it is with or without the kids, finding time to indulge in something fictional will help your creativity and that’s not even mentioning the tasty snacks you can eat there!


So there it is, five fun things that you could be doing this weekend. If you are getting stressed over your website/marketing/video then get in touch with us – we can give you your time back.


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