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An online package delivery titled 'Online Shopping Made Easy'.

With the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, it is no wonder that the high street is becoming quieter. But what is it about the online high street that makes it so appealing?

Online shopping is a secluded activity, whereas an actual shopping trip is commonly a social activity shared with friends or family that can be a whole day affair. As our working weeks get longer, we no longer wish to be spending weekends traipsing around shops looking for an elusive item when we could have it in our basket in a matter of seconds online.

What is it about the online shopping experience that captivates a public that were once happy to spend a day browsing and window shopping in brick and mortar stores? Shops that have an online store are enticing customers online with the promise of a superior shopping experience.

Below is a collection of online stores that are making shopping even easier, with special mention to the stores that are making the experience of integrated shopping online and offline more appealing and effortless than ever.

The rise of Klarna

You might ask what is Klarna, and I bet that straight after you finish this article, you will visit social media and there waiting for you will be an ad for Klarna! Basically, Klarna integrates with online stores; ASOS, Beauty Bay and even Topshop, to offer a buy now pay later scheme. Klarna will allow you to order that pair of jeans in two sizes, and not have to worry about when the refund will reach your account once you’ve sent a pair back. Even better, it allows you to turn your bedroom into a fitting room and if you decide to send everything back, you’ve not spent a penny.

Dominos Deal Wizard

Domino's Pizza ( has a Meal Deal Wizard that helps customers to make sure that they are getting the best possible deal for their meal, and best value for money. The tool will automatically search all offers that are currently active, and match these against the customer\'s preferences based upon orders currently in their basket. To gain access to this wizardry, simply visit the domino\'s website, add your orders to your basket and go ahead to check out.

Glasses Direct – Virtual Try On

Glasses Direct now offer a Virtual Try On service, meaning that you can try on several pairs of glasses (and be able to see yourself wearing the new frames from every angle) in just a few clicks. The process is really simple, completed by filming a short personal video to capture your face and profile, and then selecting a variety of frames to \'try on\'. The new service makes the (sometimes lengthy) process of choosing new frames straightforward and fun, all from the comfort of your home.

Benefit Brow Bar App

Benefit now offer the technology that lets you try out what various brow shapes, colours and widths would look like on you. Simply by uploading a selfie, you can experiment with a whole range of brow styles – without a pair of tweezers in sight! Once you've found your perfect brow style, you can shop for the products that can help you recreate the desired look in reality.

Gone are the days of opting to put 100% of your marketing budget into flyers or other forms of printed advertising. Nowadays, there is so much competition that consumers are much more savvy, requiring several touch points with your company and its services, from sources both printed and online, to be convinced of the value of getting in touch with you. Gamifying the online shopping experience, or bridging the online and offline experience with features such as the ability to 'try on items', all increase the convenience – and therefore the popularity – of online shopping.

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