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Welcome to our series of monthly updates on what to watch out for in the digital world. This month we have four of our experts who will be explaining what new technology and trends are in their sector.

First up is Chris Chapman who is part of both our development and digital marketing team.

Web Development I think there will be even more focus on the responsiveness of sites in 2016, but not just for mobile phones and tablets. With the introduction of Apple watches, Google Cardboard, VR sets and TVs that all access the web, sites will need to have different designs and functionality for all these types of devices including the browsers they support and the size of the device. Mobile Optimization will become more important than Desktop Optimization. SEO Video content may become more important than written content. With so many more people using video on platforms such as, YouTube, Periscope, Vine and Snapchat, Google is now experimenting with video ads in search results. Business to consumer sites without video feeds will end up getting left behind.

Spoken Language queries from Siri, Cortana and Google Now are also on the increase, this will put a new focus for SEO on how clients use spoken language differently to typed search queries to find the products and services they're looking for. This could also reward websites with a more natural flow of conversational content rather than keyword stuffed sites.


Becky Dunks, lead graphic designer is going to share her thoughts on the newest design trends from this month.

Graphic Design

We have seen a huge increase in the use of flat design, just take the current rebrand of Google for example, and by taking away unnecessary elements it leaves a simpler version of this very well-known brand. We will soon be seeing other brands following suit with this in the future.

Another trend which we have seen become big this year is the use of moving imagery in the form of animated GIFs and cinemographs, these attract the user and keep them interested by not been a static image.


James Plummer, multimedia designer, is taking on the latest video technology.

Video and visual effects Drones are quickly becoming a very popular gadget amongst to the video community. Ranging in price from hundreds to tens of thousands, drones are the perfect way to get aerial and hard to reach shots that don't require hiring helicopters, boats or harnesses in order to get them. Drones can carry a surprising variety of camera, from Go Pros to the high end cinema cameras such as Red Epics. It’s their versatility and variety that makes these gadgets so popular. The growing technology within these machines becomes more and more advance every month, with GPS tracking, hazard awareness and follow modes. There’s no doubt that every film maker would want this gadget within their kit to make their production quality fly through the roof.  


Finally Sharon Richards, office manager shows what her latest updates are.


This month I am focusing on accounts, the newest technology is the upgrade in Sage 50 accounts to Sage 50 accounts essentials. The new upgrade has a few new enhanced features which include: Improved error correction, the ability to unallocated payments and credits from invoices. Automatic backups, streamlined dialogue boxes and sage drive (the ability to access your accounts information from outside the office). 


So what’s the latest technology in your industry? We’d love you to get in touch.


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