Artificial Intelligence in Business

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Artificial Intelligence (shortened to AI) has taken the digital world by storm, providing an entirely new approach to solving problems and transforming products from the inside out. 

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to learn from received information and adapt their responses accordingly, making them appear to be interacting with us or situations in a similar way to us humans.

Our marketing team recently attended SearchLeeds 2018, a conference hosted in Leeds devoted to the latest digital trends, where AI was truly in the spotlight. This latest intelligence offers a whole new way of seeing things, so exciting that Google even has a whole section devoted to the most recent developments in Artificial Intelligence: Google AI.


AI is Transforming The Way We Interact Online


Not to be confused with LiveChat, Chatbots are capable of using machine learning to respond to enquiries instantly (very useful when you are trying very hard to be in five places at once). The Chatbot is initially fed with key information, such as business hours, services offered and location. The more information it receives, the more the Chatbot will learn nuances in language and respond to questions with increasing speed and efficiency. The addition of a Chatbot makes your company available to respond to queries all day, every day.

Developments in Chatbots mean that they are continually learning, delivering information that is increasingly personalised to craft a truly individual user experience. This is most clear within the retail sector, as Chatbots also take on the role of automated assistant with their ability to match shirt patterns to suitable shoes according to pattern, preference and occasion.


Interactive Banner Ads

Chatbots are also revolutionising Banner Ads by offering an added interactive dimension. Traditional banner ads are losing their appeal to an audience tired of being followed by ads hounding them on each page, all displaying the same information. Emirates are amongst the first to pilot adding a Chatbot into a banner ad, meaning that users are able to ask questions directly to Emirate's banner ad, with instant replies to their travel questions. Adding a Chatbot into banner ads is effective because they will capture the initial interest of any users, opening up a dialogue with a potential customer early and importantly delivering relevant information when interest is fresh.

 The engagement potential of Chatbots is in their uncanny ability to respond to queries immediately, accurately and in-detail, perfectly suited to a wide variety of consumer demands.


A New Way to Search

As AI becomes increasingly intelligent it is also subtly altering the way in which Google search will present information. Currently, results are filtered by location, showing the nearest matches first, and FAQs are listed at the top to provide information quickly and (hopefully) accurately. However, instead of the current filters in which results are found by matching keywords, as AI continues to learn it will endeavour to recognise user intent. That is, to exactly understand what it is that users are searching for and deliver information accordingly.

By recognising user intent, and exactly what the user is in the market to buy and when, AI can identify specific requirements, and supply balanced information – showing both sides of a debate, issue or product. It will recognise the information that users are searching, to deliver a rounded, balanced and impartial feed of results that is informative and relevant.


To find out more about how AI could help to further your business potential, get in touch with our team – we always love to hear about a challenge.


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