How Not To Send An Email Campaign

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You have your marketing message, you have your mailing list, now you have to come up with a compelling email that will make your prospects want to find out more about what you’re selling. The main focus isn’t how many people open your email, or even how many click through onto your website, the reason we all do an email campaign is to make those all-important conversions from a prospect into a committed customer. 

But how do we ensure that our emails are getting seen by the right people? These steps below are how people fail when they send out emails to their prospects.

The colour red

Red may well be your brand’s main colour, but it can also be seen as an aggressive colour, and nobody wants to be sent an email that gives them an aggressive vibe from the sender. If you want to portray a feeling of intellect to your customers then using different hues of blue is great. Yellow is an optimistic, happy colour, so if you want to inspire a sense of happiness to your customers when they receive your emails then yellow is definitely a colour to choose. If you are really unsure of what colour would be best to have your email campaigns designed in, then a neutral grey is always best as the customer won’t attach any emotional feelings to that colour when they open it. However, if you want to portray a feeling of refreshment and balance, then a variation of green shades are the way to go.

Using the words ‘click here’

Okay, so we all do it, but let’s say you do a google search for something. When you get the results none of those links have the words ‘click here’ on them, yet we all acknowledge that they are links and click them anyway. Spam filters are the nemesis of email campaigns, and many of them score your email to see whether to allow them through. Each email can have a maximum of 4.5 points before the spam filter will block it, and by using the words ‘click here’ you are shooting yourself in the foot by racking up the points. The spam filters will block an email once they exceed this threshold meaning an email needs to have 4.5 points or less otherwise it will be blocked. If we look at the examples we have so far, the words ‘click here’ could be worth one point, the colour red could be worth two points, and then you only have 1.5 points left before it is blocked. So within your emails, if you want people to click, show them it’s a link by colouring the text blue and underlining it, like you would see on a search engine.

Too many images

Emails with a lot of lovely imagery are great, but they also affect your emails getting through spam filters. The average email should have a 60:40 text to image ratio and anything with over that will struggle to get through spam filters. Most email platforms block images from appearing when you first open an email, so all the time spent on graphics would be wasted the second the recipient received the email. Another thing which can potentially put prospects off your company is if they are viewing your email on a mobile device, a large image could use a chunk of their data while waiting for it to load, or it may take that long that they simply don’t want to wait and then will miss out on the great information you are shouting about. 

Misleading subject lines

We all get those emails where we think they are going to be something great, to open it and find it is just another sales email, we get annoyed and vow never to work with that company. Would you want to be that company? Probably not, no, so to avoid that take abit of time to write your subject line, making sure it reflects the information in your email, maybe even going so far as to personalise it to every recipient as more personal emails have a much higher chance to be opened and read. As the subject line is the most important part of the email (it’s what makes people open it in the first place) you should make sure that you’re spending about 20% of your dedicated email campaign time on writing a compelling, genuine subject line, even if it only ends up being a handful of words!

I hope that now you have a little bit more of an idea what to avoid when you’re sending out your email campaigns, but as with all marketing techniques, if you are unsure or have any questions, please get in touch via


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