Video: Are you missing a golden opportunity?

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Exhibition Video

To conclude our engineering and manufacturing in the Sheffield City Region series, we are exploring the potential benefits of using video to increase your website's user engagement, and maximise brand awareness amongst your target audience.

Videos come in a range of forms, from a half hour documentary to short, informative testimonial videos. This versatility means that video is an ideal medium for promoting your business, services and products to your target audience. However, this invaluable sales tool is still often overlooked by engineering and manufacturing businesses in the Sheffield city region, leading to potential missed opportunities.

Promotional & Service Videos

Promotional and service videos are a great way to advertise the innovative products or services that your company has to offer. They provide a punchy and engaging snapshot that showcases your company and its services to your target audience. These invaluable videos can then be used to increase business awareness across a variety of channels, including social media. Therefore, video provides you with an ongoing promotional tool which can strengthen your digital presence and make you stand out from your competitors.

When you approach us to work with you on your video project, our video experts will begin by discussing your requirements to understand exactly what message you want the video to show to your target audience, and the desired results. We collaborate with you to draw up a creative, relevant brief that suits your needs and defined outcomes.

Another benefit to using video for engineering and manufacturing firms are that they can also help to attract your target audience at various settings, such as exhibitions. It can be difficult to make your business attractive to attendees over the endless numbers of competitor stands. However, with the current lack of video usage amongst these sectors, you can help draw potential clients to your stand by enticing them with an informative, promotional video.

Testimonial Videos

Every industry uses reviews and feedback to build trust amongst potential customers, while also creating a communication path between their business and their audience. Video testimonials offer a unique way to promote brand awareness amongst users. The impact of being able to watch an actual customer rating your service gives an added edge of authenticity to your company. These testimonials speak directly to your target audience, building trust in your brand. Another benefit to testimonial videos is that they show that you have a strong customer base that are willing to support your business. This demonstrates the value that your business provides, and builds all-important trust in your brand.

An effective video offers users a source of information that is accessible 24/7, meaning that you are maximising your audience reach, digitally. To create a compelling video that represents your company and its services, using a professional video production team will guarantee the best results. They can ensure that video quality is never compromised when filming in difficult environments where there is noisy machinery or dim lighting conditions.

Take a look at the video & multimedia services that could serve your business here.

We just want to say a big thank you to everyone who is booked onto our engineering and manufacturing in the Sheffield City Region event. We look forward to meeting you all and getting the opportunity to have a one to one discussion with you on our findings.  


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