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SEO Audit

With the continuously evolving elements of web and digital, it can be difficult for businesses to find the right way forward to increase their digital impact and web presence. An effective way of identifying the initial steps you could take to advance your online identity is through a site audit. These audits provide an efficient breakdown of the key areas you need to focus on to help maximise the impact of your business online.

This in-depth analysis of your digital performance is achieved through comparing your current website to the standards of major search engines, such as Google. The report's outcomes can highlight web and digital solutions that your business can put into action to start making an immediate improvement to your online presence.

To support you, we have a breakdown of what an SEO audit highlights and the reasons that this is essential to improve your business's marketing strategy, and online presence.

On-page SEO
An SEO audit will identify areas of improvement to ensure that each web page of your website is optimised to rank higher in search engine results. Implementing these changes will enhance your website and digital presence to reach a larger, target audience.

The audit will analyse your website's content to ensure that you are accurately optimising each page to increase your search engine rankings, and encourage user engagement with your website. Meta titles and page titles are a key aspect to on-page SEO, and need to be optimised to the character limit that search engines, such as Google, use. Meta descriptions are also essential to inform your viewers of your website page's content with a clear call to action, and be between 155 and 160 characters. As this is the first content your user will see in search results, it is vital to have this optimised accurately by digital experts that understand how to encourage the user to your website as opposed to a competitor's website.

Off-page SEO
Your SEO audit will also include actions that can be taken outside of your website to improve your search engine rankings. It is an opportunity that many businesses overlook as it can be time consuming to thoroughly research and implement backlinks, and digital PR. However, an expert digital marketing team can ensure to create relevant, and engaging press releases to share online to expand your reach online.

Technical SEO
These findings are invaluable to enhance your website's user experience and ensuring it is fully optimised for strong search engine rankings. This section of an audit will identify issues that could be improved to give your users a better experience on your website, keeping them on your site for longer. One technique to achieve this is by focusing on your site page loading speeds. Your users expect your website to load quickly and one way this can be achieved in through image compression on every web page to ensure your page's load time is not being slowed down due to large image files on your website. An expert team will be able to help identify these digital solutions for you land implement them to improve your impact online.

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