Hydra Creatives Black Friday wishlist

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It’s about to be the biggest shopping day of the year.

According to Barclaycard, online shopping sales increased by 37.5% on black Friday 2014 compared to Black Friday 2013, so we can see 2015 smashing that figure!

We have asked members of our team, if money was no issue what would they be rushing to the shops to buy?

Lucy Ellis, Marketing Executive – I would buy every apple product available! I just love them, they’re so sleek.

Amy Dixon, Marketing Assistant - I would love a farm filled with puppies.

Nathan Richards, Web Developer – I would love an Aero bull speaker cos it's cool and will do until we're allowed a dog.

Becky Dunks, Lead Designer - A Tudor farm house with a few chickens and geese thrown in for good measure!

Sharon Richards, Office Manager – I would love an IPhone 6S Plus with everything on it!

Josh Ward, Multimedia Developer – I want a hot tub, with an amazing view.

Gemma Daniels, Client Services Director – If I could, I would buy a machine that stops time, giving me a chance to get on top of my never ending to-do list!

So there you have it, our Black Friday wish list, what is going to be on yours? 


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