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During the summer we welcomed not just one but three new staff members all bursting with ideas and knowledge! If you’re anything like us though, you like to get to know the faces behind the company so we are going to delve deep into their imaginations by asking a few weird and wonderful questions.

But first we will give you a little introduction into who is who starting with…

Amy – Sunderland-born Amy took the leap and moved to Sheffield after discovering her love for all things marketing and has now taken place as our new PR and marketing assistant. Working in retail throughout her Public Relations degree at Sunderland University helps her to think from the public’s point of view.

Josh - Josh arrived from his small village in Rotherham to pursue a life of syntax errors and late-night rendering at the Sheffield Hallam University. He spent most of his university life as a nightclub promoter to fund his expensive addiction to cameras. Josh used his time at university to gain contacts and practised as much client based work as possible. He loved Sheffield so much that he decided to stay and now he is our new Junior Multimedia Designer.

Sabine - Pronounced 'Sah Been Ah’ started to love Graphic Design when studying A-level Media at college. She decided to start over by studying Graphic Design at Norton College through A-Levels and a Foundation Degree and now has secured her first Junior Designer position. 

Hi guys, let’s start by finding out what your roles are at Hydra Creative?

Amy: I am the PR and marketing assistant, I take care of all things social media at Hydra – if you see a tweet then it was probably from me. I assist with press releases, article writing and creating new exciting ideas to engage more with you!

Josh: Junior multimedia designer, I’m involved in numerous projects. I work on video, motion graphics, 3D renders, 3D animations and web development

Sabine: My position here is a Junior Designer, I love to design from all aspects especially websites, I can’t wait to build upon my experience and grab more knowledge from working within the industry.

So since we are on with job roles, what are you all up to at the minute?

J: Currently, I'm animating an artist’s album cover! I had been working with them before I came to Hydra, so the fact they still want to continue working with us is really great. They're doing some exciting things and just last week won the 2015 AIM Innovator award! Alongside this I'm working on some back-end web development and creating a couple of content management systems so that companies can easily edit the content on the websites we build them. So the work I do really is a mix of things.

S: - I’m currently designing a website, I can really let my creativity shine through and be as imaginative as I want!

A: I’m doing a bit of event planning, writing some articles for our new newsletter and keeping up to date with the latest social media trends.

Here’s an odd one, if you could play a part in any film which would it be and why?

S: I’d play Mulan - because she’s one of the few fierce princesses who shows that girls can be just as tough and independent as men and I love that!

A: I would love to be a vampire or be part of Harry Potter’s gang and visit Hogwarts! It would be so exciting and I think I’d fit right in with super-human powers!

J: Neo from ‘The Matrix’. I was only 8 when this came out so I thought Neo was the coolest thing on the planet and constantly got grounded for practising his fight moves on my brother. In the Matrix I'd be in control.

Since you all have just graduated this summer, if you could offer advice to your former self while you were studying what would it be?

A: Be calm and patient because in the end when you stand on the stage to get your degree it is completely worth it!

S:  No matter how long or short your deadline is plan to finish the project a few weeks before the date so you can leave yourself time for unexpected delays. And stop procrastinating! Binge watching Netflix can wait until after the deadline.  

J: Whilst at university there was quite a lot of areas I spent time on, it took me a long time to decide what I wanted to do and what I didn't want to do. If I could I'd tell myself exactly what areas to practice so I didn't waste so much time in other areas and start building a solid portfolio sooner! I would also definitely have told myself to start doing tutorials and not rely solely on the lessons the university provide.

Did you know…?

Josh won the 2015 Hallam Zorb Football tournament, undefeated. It was the biggest one the Zorb football company had ever put on in the UK with 12 teams.

Sabine is really terrified of balloons - so no sending her any for her birthday!

Amy used to do dancing back home in Sunderland and performed on the stage at the Sunderland Empire!

Now that they’ve been introduced, you can follow the stories of the new graduates on our blog keeping you up to date with everything they’re up to.


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