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Being the digital partners for several engineering and manufacturing companies in the Sheffield City Region, we have accumulated expert knowledge and insight into the challenges the industry is currently experiencing.

Engineering companies have begun to diversify their offering, and expand their target industries, due to dramatic shifts in the engineering landscape. With the rise of the internet, the way people purchase their products has changed. Online availability has brought along with it an increase in competition, especially from companies based abroad offering similar products or services for half the cost.

Today, if a person wants to purchase a service or product, all they need to do is type their requirements into a search engine such as Google, and they instantly have hundreds of thousands of results to choose from. Therefore, it should be a priority for every engineering company to have a fully optimised website that will allow you to rank well, ensuring that you appear in relevant search results for potential customers. After all, how can you compete if you're not visible?

If your website is not mobile friendly, quick to load, or engaging with visitors through the use of quality content, then it is not optimised to its full potential, and your business will be missing out on possible sales and enquiries.

We recently published a report detailing the findings of research we undertook into engineering and manufacturing companies in the Sheffield City Region, where we explored their current digital presence and how they engaged with their audience online. During our research we tested the functionality and capabilities of 112 engineering and manufacturing company websites in the region. Our research found that only 2 out of the 112 companies were close to having a website that reached the expected minimum standard scores for a successful website. This suggests that the 110 companies also featured in the report are lacking impact online, and are missing out on valuable leads and enquiries as a result.

Each week we will be breaking down the major findings of our report, going into detail about how a digital web presence can be improved for companies in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Check back next week when we will be discussing 'digital branding', exploring how companies can improve their identity online by utilising digital platforms.

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