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Getting Found Online Engineering Blog

Developments in digital technology, and the increasing reliance on smartphones means that we now generally expect information to be immediately available. Users expect to be able to quickly find solutions, whatever they are searching for. Think about when you are searching for something online - how often do you progress further than the first page of results in a google search? Chances are that your clients won’t explore beyond the first page, either.

A large amount of this online visibility relies on the effective optimising of your website for search engines, a practice known as SEO. Make sure that your website is not buried online beneath your competitor's websites by being aware of common issues, and taking appropriate action.

Becoming Mobile Friendly

  • With the growth in popularity of smartphones, there has been a huge surge in the numbers of people now using their phones to access the web. As smartphones enable customers to search anywhere and at any time for your service, ensuring that your site is mobile friendly means that your advertised services will be accessible and convenient to all browsers – vastly increasing your reach online.
  • The small touches make a huge difference, so experiment by tweaking your mobile site to deliver specific goals. For example, boost the amount of phone enquiries your company receives by optimising the phone number on your website – enabling site visitors to ring you easily.
  • As web visitors most often use mobile devices for quick searches, in 2018 Google introduced an algorithm that started indexing and ranking mobile friendly websites in preference over non-responsive websites. This makes it increasingly important that your website performs well on mobile devices, as otherwise your business is at risk of never being found online.


Target SEO for your Audience

  • Part of the beauty of SEO is its versatility. Successful SEO works best when it has a targeted plan that is founded on the purchasing behaviour of your online target audience. A well-informed plan identifies key industry trends, competitor activity and keyword research that will help to measure your audience and, in turn, generate appropriate traffic to your website.


As regulations are always changing, having a team you can rely on that are dedicated to ongoing SEO is a real asset to your business, and can significantly boost ROI. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing without warning, so staying up to date with the latest updates helps to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition.

Take a look at the SEO services we offer to find out how SEO can boost your website's performance and keep you in the lead.

Don't forget to check back next week our series will explain why User Experience (UX) optimisation is vital for engineering and manufacturing company websites to attract, maintain and expand their audience.

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