Hydra's Engineering & Manufacturing in the Sheffield City Region event.

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Engineering and Manufacturing event

In early October, we held our first Engineering and Manufacturing Benchmarking report event, at the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre. It was lovely to have the opportunity to meet so many sector leaders, and present our digital benchmarking report findings in person. Directors and decision makers from across the Sheffield City Region attended the event to learn more about how digital services can offer practical solutions to the types of business development problems engineering and manufacturing companies are facing.

Through working with our clients, our research and from chatting with businesses at the event, we found that many companies in the region are keen to enhance their web and digital presence, but don’t know where to start. Our presentation invited further discussion about how businesses can improve user experience and engagement with their websites through opportunities from video to social media integration. Our digital marketing expert, Amy, elaborated on our benchmarking report findings to explain how much impact a poor digital performance has on engineering and manufacturing businesses, from brand awareness to lead generation, and how to improve.

Most of us appreciate how important web and digital marketing is to make yourself known amongst your target audience. One of the biggest concerns was not how to start online, rather, businesses were wanting to know how they can take their company's online presence to the next level of digital professionalism. Our experts explored the digital advancements that can be made to each business’s individual website to maximise impact on their target audience.

Following feedback, our next article will provide a more in-depth insight into how video can positively impact your business. There are a range of ways that this innovative technique can be approached to ensure a cost effective outcome that encourages lead generation. Don't forget to check back to our blog to find this next article on video.

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