E-commerce for Engineering and Manufacturing Businesses

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Not every engineering or manufacturing business will sell products online. However, for those that do, it can be difficult to find expert guidance on digital solutions for potentially niche markets.

Having an easy-to-use online platform to promote and sell your products is essential for every e-commerce website. Engineering and manufacturing businesses may have foreign competitors encroaching on their UK client base, but this also means that there is a potential client base you could reach overseas through strengthening your digital performance. As the items that you have to offer are specialised products, you must be able to maximise your reach online to every user that will find your product useful. A digital platform is a simple and effective way to grow your reach globally. You may opt to achieve this by integrating global language support into your website, accelerating your efforts to reach an international audience.

Secure online payment systems are essential to integrate into your website to give your customer peace of mind, and to ensure that your company fully complies with the recently introduced GDPR regulations. Having an SSL certificate accurately installed on your website is a visual demonstration that you have taken steps to ensure that your website is secure, which helps to build trust in your brand. It is also important as major browsers, such as Chrome, will inform users that your website is not trustworthy, even displaying warnings to potential website visitors that your website does not have an SSL certificate, denying access to your site. These warnings negatively impact the integrity of your business, and significantly decrease site traffic, which ultimately leads to a loss of leads. For an e-commerce website which needs to take confidential and sensitive information, an SSL certificate can make the difference between a user becoming a customer or a lost lead.

To complement your e-commerce website, it needs to have imagery that showcases the innovativeness of your products. You could have strikingly realistic product renders created to effectively bring your products to life, enticing users to gain a further understanding of what your company has to offer. High quality 3D images, and animations will also show your user the product's overall look and functionality. Engineering and manufacturing companies can take advantage of this tool, as complicated products can be effectively demonstrated using animation.

From payment gateways and multimedia services, to maximising your ROI, a full-service digital agency can support you in creating a fully functioning, e-commerce website for your target audience.

To check out our e-commerce service click here, or take a look at our multimedia services here.

Check back next week when we discuss how social media can help maximise your digital efforts and awareness, even for B2B businesses.

In October, we are hosting an event that will go into depth about the digital solutions available for engineering and manufacturing businesses in the Sheffield City Region. If work within this competitive sector and are interested in attending the event, please email Gemma Daniels on gemma@hydracreative.com or call on 0114 2509 578.

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