Building Business Awareness Using Social Media

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Social media for businesses

When your business is investing in the development of its website, it is important to consider how you will increase your awareness using a variety of digital platforms such as social media. Social media is an inexpensive platform that engineering and manufacturing businesses can start to integrate into their digital presence. There is a tendency among these industries to overlook social media as a viable platform, however, social media channels offer opportunities to increase brand awareness, share news, communicate with audiences, and encourage user engagement. From LinkedIn to Twitter, social media is a vast platform that businesses can pick up easily and use to their digital advantage.

LinkedIn has over five hundred million users, and is widely used by professionals to build networks and connections. For businesses, it is similar to a 24/7 networking event that allows you to meet potential leads online and spread awareness of your business amongst your target audience, especially if you are in the engineering and manufacturing industries that are generally focused on the business to business sector.

We've all heard of Facebook, but did you know it hosts hundreds of thousands of business pages? The social media site allows you to easily upload your latest projects or services, providing a straightforward and easy way of sharing your business activities. In turn, this shows that your business is connected with your industry, demonstrating your business's professionalism and capabilities.

Twitter sees over 500 million tweets sent out every day – it is a hive of activity that is constantly updating with current news. The site allows users to search for specific industry news and is a community that actively encourages user engagement. Engineering and manufacturing businesses can update and comment on sector news, effectively building brand awareness amongst their online target audience.

Amongst the sea of social media options available for businesses to use, YouTube is often overlooked. There is currently a comparatively small number of engineering and manufacturing businesses using video as a marketing tool across the Sheffield City Region, which means a huge potential opportunity as video is one of the most resourceful and engaging mediums available. Video can attract a user's attention instantly, showing them your company's services in an engaging and comprehensive way that leaves a lasting impression.

The potential advantages for engineering and manufacturing companies that incorporate social media within their digital marketing strategy are clear. Take a look at the digital marketing services on offer here.

Next week we explore one of the most effective digital mediums: Video.

In October, we are hosting an event that will go into depth about the digital solutions available for engineering and manufacturing businesses in the Sheffield City Region. If you work in this competitive sector and are interested in attending the event, please email Gemma Daniels at or call on 0114 2509 578.

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