Video: Is this a missed opportunity for Engineering & Manufacturing companies?

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Research strongly indicates that utilising video is a highly effective way to generate interest in your company, enabling you to engage with your target audience and get a lot of information across in an entertaining and easy to digest way. However, most companies we talked to at our recent Engineering and Manufacturing digital report event expressed concerns that they don’t really know where to start when it comes to adding video into their company marketing mix.

Video is an innovative, cost-effective tool that can be used by companies to develop their web and digital presence into increasingly engaging, and attention-grabbing platforms. It is a form of marketing that can truly and honestly capture the capabilities and character of your business. Below, we have answered the concerns that have been raised by business owners regarding video.

Why Video?
You may be wondering how video can have a positive impact on a business that is in an industry that has such a strong preference for traditional, offline marketing techniques that have worked so well in the past. However, as engineering and manufacturing companies are adopting increasingly innovative and modernised technological processes, it is important to demonstrate that you are up to date with the digital age. To help establish your business as a leader in your industry, it is essential to consider an engaging and visually appealing way of marketing your services and products to your target audience. Video is an oft-missed opportunity that is an ideal digital solution available to businesses that want to achieve maximum impact online.

A video will visually show your audience the complex processes and products that your business has to offer them. This enables your web visitors to understand what exactly your business can offer them, which, in turn, encourages them to get in touch with your business as they will have a more informed understanding of what can be achieved.

What to film?
Just like photographers can pick the perfect angle to capture a setting, video works in a very similar way. Our video & multimedia team will approach your video by first discussing your aims, and then take the time to plan what would best suit your video - as no two projects are ever the same. We will then use this as a foundation to further develop into a well-thought out visual story along with complementary features, such as correct lighting, edits, and colour grades to capture your business' message within a video. Each client video project is thoroughly planned, ensuring the right message and best visuals are used to complement your business.

International locations
The majority of engineering and manufacturing companies have a global reach, meaning their clients can span across the globe. A major concern for businesses are the travel costs for a team to film projects that could be in a variety of locations across the world. In cases where a client does have services that are located in different countries, the most cost-effective approach is to show what you can provide to potential customers by focusing on what is readily accessible, such as the projects you have within the UK. An experienced video & multimedia team will work with what is available to them, making a creative and relevant video that accurately represents your business' global presence. If you want to inform your audience of your business' international reach, this could be added in the form of an appropriate narration or incorporating images of these projects within the video.

Take action early to help distinguish your business from its competitors, define yourself as a leader in your industry, and develop a trustworthy message for your business. Video is an essential marketing tool that every business should capitalise upon.

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