Update Adwords Editor NOW To Avoid Ad Interuption

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Adwords account managers must update to the latest version of Adwords Editor (version 11.1) before 1st July to avoid problems with updating their campaigns, Google has warned. 

A post on the Google Adwords Google+ page reads:

"In December last year, we introduced the most significant update to AdWords Editor since the tool was first released. In addition to a visual redesign and faster interface, we enhanced the features you know and love while also adding new ones to help you do more in less time -- from managing multiple accounts side by side to opening up multiple windows to managing labels at scale."

"Starting June 30th, 2015, AdWords Editor versions 10.6 and older will no longer be supported. To ensure uninterrupted use of AdWords Editor, you will need to upgrade to version 11.1 before June 30th, 2015."


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