Five ways to benefit from animation

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Animation is fast becoming a powerful tool to bring your marketing campaign to life but what are the positive outcomes for using animation in your business? Our visual effects designer James Plummer explains why animation is a great way to engage with your audience and keep them watching.

  1. Explainer

Animations are a great way to get your message in front of your target audience. A concise message that’s easy to understand is perfect for a diverse and varied audience, giving them an experience they can enjoy and feel comfortable with.


There really is no limit to how out of the box your animation can be. Animation can visually explain your business in ways you may have not imagined.


  1. Brand puller

Animation can make your brand come to life and gives instant recognition. Take British Gas for example, their adverts have a strong visual style that is instantly recognisable. Animation is the way to go if you want your company to stand out from your competitors.  


  1. The looks

The average attention span for online video is around 30-60 seconds, making animation the perfect way to stay away from lengthy live action videos.


People want to be wowed by your website, not bored reading one block of text after another. Animations are aesthetically pleasing and visually satisfying, keeping your clients engaged and wanting to interact with your business.

  1. What a catch

With social video websites such as Youtube and Vimeo, your animation could be the next Thriller and be shared all over the world. That only means one thing, it all links back to your site and could generate valuable business.  


  1. Remember me?

Your animation could be in the minds of many as they whistle the catchy tune and replay the eye catching visuals in their head at the breakfast table. Animation has its way of sticking in people’s heads and could be the trigger for them to choose you next time they need your help.


Below are a couple of examples of my favourite animations – do you agree? What’s caught your eye recently?


British Gas

british gas



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