Five SEO Tactics To Avoid

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In 2015 some SEOs are still tempted to try to cheat Google’s algorithms - which is the equivalent of throwing your website on the bonfire! So make sure you or your SEO aren’t involved in any clandestine activities this Fireworks Night.

Private Blogger Networks

Private Blogger Networks are a classic SEO tactic where groups of sites are linked to each other, often including sites which have been set up to try to trick Google’s rankings system.

But Google actively hunts down these websites and when they do, ALL members of these networks can find themselves ejected from the search engines. If you intend to have a web presence next year and the year after, avoid this tempting but short sighted tactic.

‘Black hat’ tactics

SEO’s have tried all sorts over the years to get an advantage, including hacking other sites, and the internet is usually all the better for it when Google puts paid to these ‘black hat’ methods. Let’s face it, conning other web users into sharing your content is hardly the mark of a genuine and trustworthy practice. So think about where you want your business to be in five years time and A-line your SEO strategy to those goals - chances are you don’t want to risk going ‘black hat'.

Keyword stuffing

Artificially cramming keywords into your content is an out of date and ineffective way of structuring your content - plus it’s a pretty awful experience to read articles written in this way. Given that the behaviour of your customers while on the site is a ranking factor, consider how you can use your written content to keep customers on the site for longer. This approach is far better for your SEO.    

Bad content

Hand in hand with keyword stuffing is the creation of content which is irrelevant or barely relevant to your core business. There’s nothing wrong with theming a blog post around a current event - hopefully readers will appreciate your creativity(!). But blogging about the World Cup when you’ve got no genuine interest in Rugby is going to come across as cheesy. Remember, while you’re writing for the search engines and your customers, humans have to be the priority. 

Spamming Social

Social media is inherently tied to SEO but filing up your feed for the sake of it is spammy and won’t help spread your brand across the web - in fact it will more than likely turn your customers off. So don’t lose sight of what your SEO goals really are about - and create quality content only, which can only be a good thing for this SEO. 


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