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Corporate documentaries can be a highly effective element of your business marketing mix. The key is to create something that is not only engaging, but is also factual with a clear message and purpose. In this article we explore five of the most common mistakes made when creating corporate documentaries, and how to avoid making these mistakes yourself!

Brands in Times Square

With new trends constantly emerging, many brands feel the need to ensure they stay on-trend, to keep current and engaging. Brands generally need to be instantly recognisable, whilst effectively representing the business personality and core values, to fully realise marketing aims.

To achieve continual success, brands should be prepared to adapt and transform with the times, and change to meet target market demands – the majority of company branding has seen occasional change over the years. For example, petroleum giant, Shell's, original logo was much simpler and didn't feature their distinctive yellow and red colour scheme. Modern technology has greatly advanced branding – now, bespoke, high-tech imagery can be produced much more readily than in years gone by.

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2018 has been our busiest year to date at Hydra Creative. New client wins and significant ongoing projects have meant that we have invested heavily in our team this year, to ensure that we can continue to offer high standards of customer service going forward into 2019, as the company grows.

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