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According to Bloomberg, Twitter are changing their rules.  Within the next two weeks, users will be able to include as many links, images and videos into tweets as they want, without affecting the word count.  This is great news for Twitter users who love to wax lyrical, as there won’t be so much pressure to get everything you have to say into 140 characters.

Earlier this year, there were rumours that Twitter had plans to abandon their 140 character limit. They eventually decided against this change, to ensure that they continued to stand apart from other social media platforms.

The new change means that we will have at least 21 extra characters to use, and that is only from excluding links alone. This means we can now portray our messages more effectively than ever.

The 140 character count was thought up to help SMS users adapt to social media more easily, as most SMS messages used to have a character limit. This change to tweets is the first of many ways that Twitter bosses want to test the flexibility of the platform.  They are currently experimenting with various formats based on the usability habits of users, so watch this space.

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Instagram, a favourite amongst bloggers and brands alike, is about to change. The popular social media platform will be integrating a new algorithm which will prioritise posts by their relevance to the user - for example, posts that they have liked or previously engaged with.

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It has been a while since Facebook have announced any significant changes, but can today’s news prove to Facebook users that even after 10 years they are still relevant.

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